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Abby Corrigan
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Photography  allows you to illustrate what you love about the world, whilst being as creative as you want to be.

My camera brand is...

Canon now but I started learning photography with a bridge camera, a Lumix lx100, and moved to a Canon DSLR when I finally felt limited with the inability to change camera lens. I switch it up between the two cameras depending on where I'm going and how much equipment I want to carry.


I love photography because...

having a camera in hand gives you the freedom to capture any moment in time, with your own unique take. It allows you to illustrate what you love about the world, whilst being as creative as you want to be.


I have been on my photography journey for..

about two years now, at least that's when I started to really learn photography. It took me the best part of a year before I got the courage to even take a photograph in front of anyone, and in the last year my confidence has grown so much that I even showcased some of my photographs at the club’s annual gallery exhibition.


My favourite type of photography is...

photography which really speaks with a sense of emotion. I like to place emphasis on a certain subject, whether that be a person, an animal or an object, using interesting compositions to bring a different view to what I am seeing. I like that you can use photography to really highlight the smaller elements of a bigger scene, to place emphasis on the delights of the world which can often be overlooked.


I like that Raw Photographic...

gives me the chance to be around people who also enjoy photography, and gives me the opportunity to learn from others - being able to see the different styles and techniques used is inspiring and kick starts your creativity. I like that we arrange monthly outings which give us the chance to experience places we maybe otherwise wouldn't have thought, or known, to visit.

For more information about me or to view more of my images visit:

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