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Our Members and Committee

Raw Photographic Club has 25 members, and growing.


Our members abilities range from beginner to advanced, with each member bringing something unique to the Club. As a Club, we welcome photographer's of all levels, and cater for a wide range of interests in the activities and outings we plan.


If you're interested in finding out more, check out what we'll be up to in the year ahead.

Meet our committee

Raw Photographic Club is managed by a Committee of 7 members. Their role is to uphold the aim of club, which is to create a 'social environment in order to foster and promote an interest in the art of photography within the local community'.

Read more about our Club objectives in our Club Constitution.

Colm Profile Pic.jpg

Photography allows me to use my images to transport someone back to a moment in time.

Headshot of Paul

Photography gives me an outlet to express myself and my interests.

Headshot of Jim

The opportunity to capture a moment in time that is otherwise lost forever, is a magical thing.

Headshot of Eleish

I like being able to capture the happy memories & timeless moments that we can look back on in years to come

Headshot of Brian

Capturing images that can be reflected on and appreciated for years to come is a remarkable thing.

Headshot of Abby

Photography  allows you to illustrate what you love about the world, whilst being as creative as you want to be.

Headshot of Raymond

I love the friendly nature of the club. Everyone is willing to offer help and advice - and that's great for a novice like myself.


I enjoy tuning in to my surroundings and looking for things to capture.

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