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Eleish Alister

I like being able to capture the happy memories & timeless moments that we can look back on in years to come

My camera brand is...

Nikon because it's what I have always used. When I came to purchase my first DSLR camera, I chose Nikon because it was recommended to me by a friend of a photo journalist.


I love photography because...

it's something that my brother had an interest in, and his love for it always intrigued me. I used to follow him around and found that it was nice reason to get out and about. I also prefer to be behind the camera as I don't really like getting my photo taken - I like to be the one able to capture the happy memories and timeless moments that we can look back on in years to come.



I have been on my photography journey since..

taking part in a Photoshop course in 2011. The course gave me the opportunity to play around with the camera and I decided to get into photography in more detail. So I enrolled in some more courses and I've been developing my knowledge and talent ever since.


My favourite type of photography is...

long exposures, particularly when the subject is water - I love using long exposure to create that nice silky smooth effect that is just so picturesque. I also like macro photography because it allows you to capture your subject in much more detail.


I enjoy being part of the Raw Photographic club because...

as one of the founding members of the club since it started in 2013, I have seen it grow and develop into the friendly atmospheric club that it is today. I enjoy the fact that it’s non competitive, and that members support and encourage one another. We all have such different strengths and it's nice to be able to learn from and share skills with one another.



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