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About us

We are a group of photo enthusiasts always found with a camera in hand and on the lookout for that next capture-worthy moment. Together we form a photography club in the city of Lisburn, Northern Ireland. We meet monthly at a local community centre to share techniques, creative concepts, and experiment with new ideas.


Our members abilities vary from beginner to advanced, with each member bringing something unique to the group, whether that be technical knowledge or creative wonder. We each share a passion for developing our own skills, and as a group we aim to support and inspire one another to do so.

If you would like to enquire about joining our friendly club, or to ask for more information please contact us.

Monthly club night

Our monthly club night takes place on the first Tuesday of each month. At our monthly club night, activities range from practical workshops and lightroom tutorials to casual chats over our favourite pieces of kit - we also sometimes choose to host award winning guest photographers.

Read about our activities.

Club adventures

We are a proactive bunch and like to get out and about together, so once a month we join each other for an adventure. Our monthly outings lead us anywhere and everywhere - you might find us roaming the big city for some Street Photography, climbing the peaks of the Mourne’s at dusk for that perfectly lit landscape, or hitting the high seas for quiet compositions on Rathlin Island. Whatever the subject or destination, our motivated members find their artistic vision and it’s amazing to see the mix of photographs that each month brings.

Check out our adventures.

Members challenge

To make sure our cameras keep clicking in between our meet-ups, we challenge ourselves to a monthly competition. Each member submits three photos based on a set topic, and the whole group vote for their favourite submissions. Members have fun showing off their latest captures, and to boost confidence, the member with the top voted photo is celebrated as the winner of 'photo of the month'.

View our photo of the month.

Annual exhibition

A big part of being a Raw Photographic member is being able to share photographs with the group, to gain feedback and grow as a photographer. It’s also about putting a smile on our faces when we come to realise how talented we already are. That’s why we take things a step further by holding annual exhibition's in Lisburn City Library, so our members can celebrate their work with family, friends, and the wider community.

Take a look at our exhibitions.

We're a member of NIPA

Raw Photographic Club joined the Northern Ireland Photographic Association (NIPA) at the beginning of 2021. Being part of NIPA has opened up a lot of opportunities for our Club and its members.

Read our blog to hear all about our NIPA journey so far.

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