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A sunset with a boat on the horizon

Tranquility, Colm McMullan

Landscape with a road over some hills with a couple walking

A winter walk, Colm McMullan

The side of a tower with the sky in view in black and white

Towering contrast, ColmMcMullan

A black dog emerging from the shadows

Eevee, Colm McMullan

A young boy emerging from the shadows

Jack, Colm McMullan

A monument in the middle of a wide landscape with the sunsetting in the background

With the Mountain Gods, Simon McIlwaine

View of the top of a mountain with fog

Reveal, Simon McIlwaine

Blades of grass with waterdrops

After the deluge, Simon McIlwaine

Flowing water

Chaos, Simon McIlwaine

Sunset over a mountaintop

Dimming of the day, Simon McIlwaine

Squirrel at the base of a tree

Squirrel, Raymond Camlin

A Heron sitting on a tree branch

Perched, Raymond Camlin

A daffodil with three heads

3 headed daf, Raymond Camlin

A woman walking across the front of a huge advert that features two girls looking down as if upon he

Look here!, Raymond Camlin

A fire breather performing on a busy street

Close call, Raymond Camlin

A micro image of a wasp

Wasp, Natasha Ellison

Black and white image of La Sagrada Familia building

La Sagrada Familia, Natasha Ellison

A young woman with a blonde bob draping a leopard print fur coat across her shoulder

Miss Donegal '21, Natasha Ellison

Close up of a guitar with the artist in the backdrop

Maybach Headstock, Natasha Ellison

A woman with curly hair. Her hair is blowing in the wind.

Hairography, Natasha Ellison

A view of the cliff edge meeting the water

Rathlin, Nabendu Das Gupta

An older man looking into the camera. He is wearing a hat and glasses with a pipe in his mouth

Pipe smoker, Nabendu Das Gupta

Two young boys in the streets. One is cutting the other ones hair.

Home barber, Nabendu Das Gupta

A young boy walking down a rural path with two goats

Goatherd, Nabendu Das Gupta

A cherry with frost against a black backdrop. The reflection of the cherry can be seen as it touches

Frozen cherry, Nabendu Das Gupta

Sunset on the sea

Ballintoy, Nabendu Das Gupta

A ballet dancer posing

Strong, Mathieu Decodts

A view of a monument in Belfast with the dual carriageway underneath

Rise, Mathieu Decodts

A woman with red hair posing wearing all black

Mucha Lace, Mathieu Decodts

A woman wearing a silver glitter dress posing with neon lights in the backdrop

Mucha Scfi, Mathieu Decodts

Looking down at a spiral staircase with a woman walking down the stairs

Spiral, Mathieu Decodts

A close up of two flowers that look like pom poms

Winter Pom Poms, Jim McCartney

A windmill with a right blue sky in the background

Ballycopeland Windmill, Jim McCartney

A path in between trees with grass and wild garlic flowers at either side

The wild garlic walk, Jim McCartney

A moody sky over the sea

Before the rain, Jim McCartney

A blue sea against a blue sky with a boat on the horizon

Blue on blue, Jim McCartney

A black sky above a colourful row of houses

Storm over Salzburg, Janice Reid

A tall thin wooden post in the sand with its shadow on the ground behind it

Murlough Sundial, Janice Reid

A small blue tit bird on a branch

Coalt tit, Janice Reid

Close up of a bee taking nectar from a flower

Drinking the nectar, Janice Reid

A man walking his poodle dog through on the high street

Sailing through town, Janice Reid

The corner of a building with walls made up of sharp triangle shapes

Take a bow, Ian McSweeney

A cathedral at night framed by braches against a starlit sky

Astraeus, Ian McSweeney

A sillhoutte of the mountains and a photographer with a tripod against a starlit sky

Photographers dream, Ian McSweeney

A man with a beard smoking a pipe. The smoke is covering part of his face.

Pipe dream, Ian McSweeney

A view of the foggy mountains with a hiker in the foreground

Hiker in the mist, Ian McSweeney

A close up of a tulip with water drops against a black background

Tulip, Eleish Alister

A waterfall with smooth water and leaves at either side

Sloughan Glen, Eleish Alister

A pint glass on a cobbled path with a small amount of lager left in the glass

Last night's leftover's, Eleish Alister

Close up of a mushroom in amongst blades of grass

Mushroom, Eleish Alister

A pier going straight out on a lake with a blue sky and leaves entering the frame from the left

Oxford Pier, Eleish Alister

A tree against an orange sky

Sunset, Des Mooney

Waves crashing against a wall

Storm, Des Mooney

A motorbiker being rode on a racetrack. The rider is leaning the bike as he goes into a curve on the

Kneesy does it, Des Mooney

A flock of birds above the sea against a yellow sky

Lapwings, Des Mooney

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