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NIPA Interclub Entry

Club Members are invited to enter NIPA Interclub competition through our club.

I'll get the Rules and regulations out of the way first.

  1. Members can only enter NIPA competition through 1 club, so if you are a member of multiple clubs you must nominate a club to enter through.

  2. You can enter as either as a novice or as an advanced photographer.
    Details of what constitutes a novice can be found in the NIPA rules handbook (its in annex B)

There are 5 rounds with 3 categories in each.

Rounds are 

  • Round 1 (Open)

  • Round 2 (Still Life)

  • Round 3 (Open)

  • Round 4 (Entertainment/Arts)

  • Round 5 (Open)

Open competition is open to any category or style, The only restriction that NIPA applies is based on "Nude" photography, they reserve the right to not display the image if it is deemed explicit or inappropriate for public display.

The 3 categories are Colour print, Mono print and Projected Digital Image (PDI)

For the 2 print categories

Prints must be mounted.

The mounts may be of any colour , but must not exceed 30cm x 40cm in size

The print size must be equal to, or smaller than the mount size.

The back of the mount must show:

  • The entrant's name

  • The name of the entrant's club

  • The title of the print

Labels for selected prints will be supplied but we do need images labelled for internal selection.

In addition images must be submitted digitally to our selection software for adjudication and submission to NIPA (Details on how to do this are below)

Projected Digital Images (and digital copies of Print submissions)

These must be submitted to our success system and follow the following format.

  • Be in jpg format and sRGB colour space

  • Maximum file size of 2MB

  • Be sized to a maximum of 1600 pixels wide and a maximum of 1200 pixels high (for portrait images they must still be 1200 px high and a reduced width)

  • Any image which does not match the above pixel dimensions will be displayed with a dark grey border

To register for NIPA interclub competition you will need to create an account on our online entry system, you can do that by following the link below an selecting the user registration link in the middle of the page.
To register as a Raw Photographic member you will need to enter the 6 digit club entry code (Supplied by contacting Raw committee member or on Facebook post) and under the Distincs box either enter Novice if you are a Novice (Description of a novice can be found in the NIPA rules Annex B) or enter any photographic distinctions you currently have (eg LRPS)

Where it asks for Club name enter Raw Photographic Lisburn

Once registered you will be able to enter the internal club selection process.


Members can enter up to 4 images per category. so 12 images in total.

We will select what images go forward to the NIPA interclub competition through our own internal selection process using an independent NIPA registered judge.
The top 4 images from each category will proceed through to the interclub stage with 1 of them being from a novice photographer as per NIPA rules.
The Judge will normally provide feedback on their decisions through a adjudication evening as well so we can learn how to make our entries more competitive as we go forward.
It is not necessary to enter the interclub competitions, however we do encourage it so that we can all develop and learn from eachother as we progress through our photographic journeys.

If you have any queries you can contact me on 
When uploading your images, under the image name field only put in the Image name, If your image progresses to the Inter-club phase of competition the committee member uploading the images will rename the digital files for entry.

If you need to check the NIPA rules you can find there here

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