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5 treats taken on the streets

written by Abby Corrigan

As the month of October drew to a close,

the streets grew busy with 'villains' and 'superheroes'.

On the hunt for Halloween sweets,

costumed kids knocked on doors and chanted their 'trick or treats'.

But at Raw Photographic, our members were preparing,

for the Photo of the Month competition was nearing.

Our members had already been out on the streets,

perfecting their tricks and gathering their treats.

For 'Street Photography' had been October's theme,

so all that was left to do now, it seems,

was choose 3 images each to enter the competition,

and wait on their fellow friends to vote and determine their position.

In true Raw Photographic fashion,

our members did well to show us their passion.

For entries were flowing, and anticipation growing,

until eventually we drew closer to knowing,

the top 5 voted entries that left members glowing...

First place as Photo of the Month

'Close call' by Reggie Camlin

A firebreather blowing flames with a crowd of onlookers around him
Close call, by Reggie Camlin

Second place

'Missing Des' by Nabendu Das Gupta

A black and white image of 2 men walking with the reflection of one being seen in a window
Missing Des, by Nabendu Das Gupta

Third place

'Well balanced busker' by Janice Reid

A Belfast busker sitting on a skateboard using his phone
Well balanced busker, by Janice Reid

Fourth place

‘Last night's leftovers’ by Eleish Alister

A pint glass on the pavement with a small amount of lager left inside
Last night's leftovers, by Eleish Alister

Fifth place

'Busking' by Des Mooney

A man with a beard and top hat playing a green guitar
Busking, by Des Mooney

Well done guys!!

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