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From birds & badgers, to artists & waves. We're open to all!

written by Abby Corrigan

This September we kicked off another Club year. For some, their cameras lay dormant in their camera bag during our summer break. For others, their cameras remained part of their daily attire. So, to help everyone get back their 'photographer' vibes, we encouraged members to take part in our Photo of the Month competition.

In true fashion, our members didn't disappoint. As usual, we had lots of great entries. With September's theme being an 'open round', our members were able to choose to enter whatever they wanted. From Landscape photography, to Portraits and beyond!

Competition entries left us cooing over posing puppies and feathery friends. And dreaming of planes, trains and automobiles. With so many stunning captures, casting a vote was no mean feat.

But, after a round of voting, the winning photos were finally announced...

First place as Photo of the Month

'Some water' by Colm Mcmullan

A waterfall in a dark cave, with light shining down from above
Some water, by Colm Mcmullan

Joint second place

'Curled up' by Des Mooney

A black and white image of a badger curled up sleeping
Curled up, by Des Mooney

'Guillemot gape' by Janice Reid

A guillemot bird sitting on a wall with its beak open
Guillemot gape, by Janice Reid

Fourth place

‘Artistic focus’ by Ian McSweeney

A little girl sitting beside a window drawing with a look of concentration on her face
Artistic focus, by Ian McSweeney

Fifth place

'Shark bait' by Colm Mcmullan

A young boy paddle boarding in the water with a wave coming up behind him
Shark bait, by Colm Mcmullan

Well done guys!!

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