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From the shadows we see the light!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

written by Abby Corrigan

Our members have been competing again for the Photo of the Month, and this time to the theme of 'Shadows'.

Over the month of January as our members took to the shadows and sought the light, they explored various interpretations of the theme. And entries brought us a variety of subjects. We revelled over the beauty of a Deer's silhouette, against the backdrop of winter's leafless trees. And swooned over a couple's romantic stroll, as their shadow cast delicately on the sand at dusk.

After a round of voting, the winning photos were announced...

First place as Photo of the Month

'Shadow of its former self' by Janice Reid

A decomposing leaf with the shadow of its remnants shown on the ground

Second place

'Eevee' by Colm Mcmullan

A black labrador emerging from the shadows

Third place

‘Candle Light’ by Des Mooney

A candle with its shadow being cast on the wall

Well done guys!!

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