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Playing with fire

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

written by Abby Corrigan

As we whirled into a new decade, our members were chasing 'All things round' to compete for January's Photo of the Month!

Our members captured everything from vinyl records to floating kiwi's and it was great to see them trying out lots of new techniques this month, including some creative manipulation. One member decided to play with fire as they dabbled in light painting, and we were happy to learn that they didn't get burned in the process - in fact, they soared as our first Photo of the Month winner for 2020!

First place as Photo of the Month

'Black hole' by Paul Lavery

This image was created from a series of multiple long exposures, taken as flaming steel wool was whirled around on string, creating the circle of flames and shower of sparks (we don't recommend trying this at home!).

Joint Second place

'Tiny planet, Hillsborough' by Colm Mcmullan

Joint Second place

‘Round and s'leek'’ by Janice Reid

Third place

‘Bubble world’ by Jim McCartney

Well done guys!!

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