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The most Autumnal of Autumn days

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

written by Abby Corrigan

Antrim Castle Gardens - what a treasure for the unassuming photographer! As our chosen spot for November's club outing, we didn't know what to expect. Few of our members had ventured to this part of the land before, and we arrived full of only hope that we would be inspired to lift the lens - and that we surely were!

Easy on a Sunday morning...

Bright and early on a Sunday morning, the group met at the location's cafe for a warm brew and a chit chat before heading off on our separate ways across the gardens. When we did, some of us scurried down to the river's edge of Six Mile Water, whilst others made their way through the gardens to the old fort, and some even journeyed as far as Lough Shore park. Regardless of where we ended up, each member found an interest to quench their thirst for camera-worthy subjects.

It must be noted that it wasn't hard to find the first stopping call for photographs, as the the whole location brought us a spectrum of Autumnal tones and textures - between the leafy carpet which covered the grounds, to the red berries on the trees, keeping the birds chirpily chirping, there was plenty to keep us in awe.

There were even a few hidden treasures

Amidst the beauty, there were a few hidden treasures to spark the imagination of the garden's younger visitors - from fairy houses and story telling plaques, to wooden wildlife and a wishing tree. We were spellbound by the mystical essence they created, and decided to pinch a little of the magic to take back home.

We managed to make some friends

As we wandered the area, we not only came across a few feathered friends, we also saw flurries of bushy tails cross the pathways and climb the trees. Naturally, some of the group chased their tails to capture the wildlife - and with these stunning images, I'm sure they are pleased they did.

Time for some peace and calm

Finishing the day was a bit of peace and calm, and for some members that was a quiet moment by the lough. Greeting the moment of serenity were a group of rowers, and it presented a chance for added interest to some landscape photography.

A great day had by all

Safe to say, the club outing was enjoyed by all and the location was a hit! Next month, we are off to Belfast for some street photography, adorned by Christmas lights and a bustling market - check back in a few weeks for some serious Winter vibes.

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