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We're seeing stars!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

written by Abby Corrigan

With December behind us, not only was it time for the Christmas decor to be neatly packed away, it was also time to pass on the trophy to a new 'Photo of the month' winner! And for the month of December, our members were challenged with the theme of 'Night-time'.

Photos submitted saw a mix of eerie evenings, neon scenery and of course, for the month of Christmas, winter sparkles. Our winning member encapsulated the quiet calm of Christmas eve, whilst experimenting with a new technique that had us seeing stars...

First place as Photo of the Month

'The night before Christmas' by Colm Mcmullan

This image was created by blending approximately fifty 30 second exposures in Photoshop, a technique called 'photo stacking' (now that's some dedication - well done Colm!)

Second place

'Dublin blues' by Robert MacAskill

Third place

‘Victoria Sq - the star in the east’ by Michael Thomas

Well done guys!!

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