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Tiny subjects and big ambitions

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

written by Paul Lavery

It was with the usual excitement that we all gathered together for our monthly meeting, armed with our cameras and a bag full of tiny props - and this time to try our hand at macro photography.

As we stood around catching up with each other, we peeked with interest at what items our fellow members had brought along. With each new item that caught our eye, conversation was sparked over how it could be used and set up for the best effect. Excitement grew once all members started laying their items on the table for selection, as we soon realised the wide range of items that we had to choose from - and this included vintage pocket watches and cameras, collectors pin badges, modern models, toys, and computer parts. We even had some artisanal coffee beans, but unfortunately with no grinder on hand, we couldn't pinch them and had to get our caffeine from the supplied tea and coffee jar instead.

When it came to setting up, some of us had brought along mini studios whilst others set up a creative DIY arrangement, consisting of a desk lamp and a hand held diffuser - we even had a home made flash snood constructed from an old Pringles box. Whatever the arrangement, once we got photographing it was clear to see that we were all getting results from our setups, and it was interesting comparing how each one had it's pros and cons. Whilst a light box was quick and easy to set up, it was not the most dynamic compared to the effective arrangements that were possible with the diffused lamps.

When it came to equipment availability, of course not every member owned a macro lens - and that's the great thing about club night, being able to share and experiment in something some of us wouldn't otherwise be able to do. Some of our members had brought along macro specific lenses, whilst others used adapters to convert existing lenses to suit. Either way, we got to see how each option differed and how effective some of the cheaper options were.

As the night progressed, we realised that some members were a dab hand at macro photography, and they happily demonstrated their techniques and equipment to some of the less experienced members. The rest collaborated together to experiment with different arrangements, and it was great being able to chat to one another about how we could get many different effects from the same subject.

Check out our results from the night!

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